Our Terms and Conditions...

Satisfaction Guarantee..

I guarantee that all animals are sexed correctly, in good health upon arrival and represented to the best of my ability. However, please understand that due to the increasing diversity of incomplete/dominant genes, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on any non-recessive genetics.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me within 24 hours of arrival of the animal and I will do all I can to resolve!

Payments & Payment Plans..

Canadian sales EMT (E-mail Money Transfer) and Direct Deposits are accepted. Non-Canadian sales Direct Deposits are accepted. Payments must clear before animal is shipped.

I accept payment plans on any purchase $300 and over. A minimum 25% deposit must be placed in order to put the animal on hold. The remaining amount must be paid off as to our agreement before the animal is shipped out.

All payments made are non-refundable. All prices listed are in USD, unless stated otherwise.

Shipping & Live Arrival Guarantee ..

All animals are shipped within Canada via Reptile Express next day delivery, weather permitting. Shipping to Europe and USA available, please contact for more information.

Every animal sold at Canadian Regius comes with a live arrival guarantee*. However, the package must be picked up within 2 hours of arrival time to the airport/hub, or received on the first attempt via Reptile Express to guarantee live arrival.

* Live Arrival guarantee may be voided if customer opts out of hub delivery (if hub is within a reasonable driving distance). If so, this will be discussed beforehand and is decided on a case by case bases.

Please notify me within 3 hours of animal arrival time with photos to resolve. If animal is DOA a replacement or full refund will be provided.

Purchasing an animal from Canadian Regius assumes you have read and agreed to the above terms.

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